OMG, HOW do I buy your sock monstahs??

In January 2024 I moved to New Zealand. I plan on continuing my monstah business here, but shipping from NZ to the States is absurdly expensive, so I promise you it’s not worth it to have me ship a monstah to you. BUT! I do plan to return to the States once or twice a year, so if you desperately want a monstah, email me
([email protected]) and I’ll let you know when I next plan on being in the States. I can send you photos of the dudes I have for sale, bring one/multiple ones back with me, and ship them when I’m in the US. So in summary: yes, it’s possible for you to buy my monstahs; it’s just a much longer wait time.

Please note that all of the monstahs pictured on my website have found homes.

Are any of the paintings and drawings on your website for sale?

Unfortunately, no; all of the paintings and drawings on my website have sold. However, if you’ve fallen in love with one of my pieces that you see here, you have two options: I can either have the image made into a greeting card for you (if it isn’t already a greeting card; check my Etsy shop), or I can have the image made into a stunning fine art print. Please drop me an email and we can discuss the various sizes and prices of prints: [email protected].

How do I find your greeting cards and postcards?

Here, on my Etsy shop!

Do you sell your greeting cards and monstahs wholesale?

For many years, I did sell my greeting cards (and occasionally my monstahs) wholesale. However, now that I live abroad, I can no longer fill orders. But I do plan to return to the States once or twice a year, so you are welcome to email me ([email protected]) and I can make up an order and ship it from the States.

Can I order a copy of Art Sparks from you? Also, what are the recommended ages for the projects in your book?

YES! And I can even personalize it for you! The paperback is $23 including shipping, and the hardcover is $33 including shipping. Email me at
[email protected] and let me know to whom I should sign the book (or whether you’d just like a generic inscription) and to whom we are sending it. I accept
Venmo or PayPal. As far as recommend ages go, our projects are perfect for kids ages 7-12. Kids as young as 6 can do a lot of the projects in our book (with help from a grownup, of course!). But…you don’t have to be a kid to have tons of fun with our book! We’ve sold a lot of books to adults!